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Think tank chairman says Chengdu could be Silk Road hub

Chengdu is experiencing rapid economic growth, but independent think tank Horasis has said the city must diversify its offering beyond manufacturing if it is to establish itself as one of China's main economic hubs.

Switzerland leads WEF competitiveness ranking

The World Economic Forum has placed Switzerland at the top of its competitiveness index, citing the country's level of innovation, efficient labour market and sophisticated business sector as its key attributes.

India profile

Stephen Timewell talks to the Reserve Bank of India's deputy governor about the expected growth in the country's banking system, the challenges of establishing and Islamic finance sector in a country with the world's third largest Muslim population and the investment plans in infrastructure over the next five years.

Embassies make promotional play

Embassies turn their hand to investment promotion

As the capacity for embassies and diplomats to target and attract investment grows, countries are becoming increasingly eager to restructure their operations in a bid to best utilise these new promotional agents.

Hui Bao

China's focus falls on Chengdu

Chengdu is leading western China's investment charge, and Hui Bao, chairman of the Chengdu Overseas Exchanges Association and a member of Chengdu Municipal Committee, says that the growth of the city and its surrounding area is where China's focus now lies.

A new direction

Chengdu sends Chinese FDI in a new direction

The aftermath of the global financial crisis has seen the rapid growth of China's large eastern cities slow. This has caused attention to increasingly turn towards inland areas of the country, and chief among them is the city of Chengdu. Barbara Njau reports on why this south-western centre is attracting more and more FDI attention.

Chengdu: a way in to western China

Chengdu: a way in to western China

Chengdu is establishing itself as an investment hub in western China. The city already has established automotive and bio-pharmaceutical industries, while its growing population is increasingly attracting the attention of the multinational retail brands.

(Photo, left: Chengdu at night copyright: Zhang dezhong)

Park life

Chengdu's technology parks impress on all scores

The Chengdu government's long-term focus on the high-tech industries appears to be paying off, as its technology parks are attracting international names brought in by the city's pro-business attitude and deep talent pool.

FDI into China slows

Figures from the first six months of 2012 show FDI into China slowing compared to the first six months of 2011, with a notable decline in the number of projects in Shanghai.

Growth in crossborder investments to slow: Unctad

Between 2012 and 2014, the level of crossborder investment will continue to grow but at a slower pace, according to a report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Global greenfield investment trends

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