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Igor Dodon, the president of Moldova, explains that, should investors look beyond the country's political turbulence, they will see a population ready for well-paid employment.

Q: How important is foreign investment to your economic strategy for Moldova? What are the new government's priorities in terms of foreign investment attraction?

A: Investment is an important issue for any economy, regardless of the level of development. And, of course, investments are important for the economy of Moldova, which needs to be improved. We intend to build mutually beneficial partnerships with all potential investors, and we are preparing proposals that include [benefits] and support for companies that invest in Moldova and create jobs.

Q: What specific projects would you like to see, and in what sectors would you like to promote more foreign investment in the coming year?

A: Moldova’s priority now is regional development, which means the creation of permanent jobs and the development of local infrastructure. When we talk about building partnerships with industrial investors, we think of multinational corporations operating worldwide. In this way, we want to include the Moldovan economy in regional, and even global, economic flows. This economic model also provides more employment and personal growth opportunities for young people.

Q: How can you reassure them that Moldova's political instability will not affect their investments? 

A: We understand how much political instability [worries] investors. Here, I would mention that Moldova is a young democracy, and that political instability is normal for such democracies.

On the other hand, Moldova’s people are known for being very patient and friendly. All we dream of is to have a well-paid job somewhere close to our homes. Thus, political instability is not good but it doesn’t mean national instability. What is most important to keep in mind is that people want stable jobs and are ready to work.

Q: What is your strategy to improve Moldova's shortage of skilled workers and encourage people not to leave the country?

A: This is a very painful problem that really threatens the future of Moldova. We understand why people leave Moldova – they are looking for better opportunities to build their future. This phenomenon is about well-paid jobs, and economic and social stability. It is also about developing infrastructure that plays a decisive role in the quality of people's lives.

To reduce this phenomenon, and to encourage people to return to Moldova, we have to bring all these things to our country. We designed a vision of national economic growth that is based on regional development. The vision is focused on creating industrial platforms in each [regional] centre. 

We are determined to create the best conditions for business development in Moldova, and offer investors land, assets and infrastructure. We are open to negotiations with all investors for creating individual solutions for their investment.

Q: The EU and Russia are important economic partners for Moldova. How do you intend to expand Moldova's financial activities with both of them?

A: We believe that only mutually beneficial relationships can be sustainable. This is why we intend to continue to communicate permanently with the EU and Russia, as well as with all of Moldova’s other partners. We also believe that creating a close friendship with one of our partners does not mean losing the opportunity to do the same with the other. We know we need to learn to be better communicators and negotiators. Here I am reminded of a quote by Barack Obama: 'Democracy requires compromise even when you are 100% right.'

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