Katowice takes the FDI Strategy crown in fDi's Polish Cities of the Future 2019/20 ranking, with Kraków in second. Cathy Mullan reports.

Poland has seen an increasing level of US investment of late, experiencing year-on-year increases in FDI projects between 2014 and 2017, according to greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets. In 2018, 38 US-based companies invested in 53 projects in Poland.


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To capitalise on the recent upswing, the investors assistance department of Katowice City Hall established a presence in the US's Silicon Valley, the world-famous technology and innovation hub, to act as a conduit between US investors with designs on Poland. The aim of the project is to support US companies wishing to invest in Poland, as well as Polish companies investing in the US. The city takes part in economic missions with investors from around the world, and is part of the International Entrepreneurship Incubator, along with agencies from France, Switzerland, Tunisia and Madagascar. It is this sort of international thinking that has seen Katowice claim the FDI Strategy title in fDi's Polish Cities of the Future 2019/20 ranking.

The ABSL Academy was established in Katowice, in collaboration with Poland’s Association of Business Leaders and three Silesian universities, to increase the number of qualified employees for business sector companies in the country. Plans are in place to establish an ABSL Tech Academy to develop a competent workforce with technical skills. The city works closely with universities, ensuring that prospective investors have the qualified labour pool they need by tailoring education programmes to their needs. Investors are invited to take part in consultations regarding the development strategy of the city and have the opportunity to work jointly with non-governmental organisations to strengthen co-operation between the city and the investor, with the intention of making the investor feel integral to the local economic system.

Kraków ranks second for FDI Strategy, housing institutions dedicated to developing the local economy and improving the city’s brand for investors. The Investor and Innovative Economy Support Centre was established to attract investment and work internationally to promote the city. Kraków also boasts the Entrepreneurs Growth Centre and a Business Service Point. Several new developments planned include the city’s airport and Kraków New City, a 250,000-square-metre shopping, office and entertainment complex.

Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency (WADA), the agency responsible for the promotion of Wrocław, ranks third for FDI Strategy. Working closely with a range of agencies, including international chambers of commerce, special economic zones, real estate agencies and human resources agencies, WADA ensures that investors are offered the optimum conditions for their investment. The Wrocław Academic Hub is an initiative to bring together business, academia and local government to develop science and education in the city and strengthen the local labour market.

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