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Basque businesses eye a post-Brexit UK

Spain’s Basque Country is taking steps to cement links with the UK, the fourth biggest market for its services

bilbao's big

Bilbao mayor looks to build on smart technology

Hit by high unemployment levels among its younger population, Bilbao's mayor, Juan Maria Aburto, tells Courtney Fingar how the city is looking to the digital sector and tourism to reverse its fortunes.

Artur Mas

Catalonia presses its case

Artur Mas was president of Catalonia from 2010 until early 2016. On a visit to London he spoke to fDi about the region’s continued push for independence from Spain and what parallels could be drawn with Brexit and Scotland’s status within the UK.

Catalonia’s FDI on the Rise

The region and its capital Barcelona are showing strong growth, both nationally and in the context of Europe.

Barcelona tops cities list

Barcelona leads investment rankings for Spanish and Portuguese cities

With Spain and Portugal attracting more than 8% of Europe’s FDI last year, cities from the two countries are proving to be increasingly attractive to foreign investors. Barcelona ranked top of the major cities, while Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canaries led the medium-sized table. Geraldine Ewing and Christine McMillan analyse the results.

GET-Madrid Jul 16 FDI

Madrid region acts as FDI magnet

Spain's capital region of Madrid continues to lead the country's return to prosperity after the crisis of 2008 thanks to its favourable business climate and pool of talent. Now the challenge is to bring leisure industry investment into line to keep up with soaring tourist numbers. 


San Sebastián looks to cash in on a culture of investment

Its stint as European City of Culture in 2016 should give San Sebastián a boost in tourism numbers, but it will also give the Spanish city an opportunity to showcase its skilled workforce and R&D excellence.


Spain's star: what makes Navarre an Iberian investment hotspot?

The Spanish region of Navarre had a bumper year for FDI in 2014 and is outpacing the national average for GDP growth. Jules Stewart finds out what is behind the impressive numbers

Spanish regional elections end in indecision

Spain's June regional elections saw the country's two major parties lose votes, with most regions failing to choose a majority party.

Madrid records nearly half of Spanish IT FDI inflows

In 2014, Madrid was the most popular destination in Spain for FDI in the IT and software sectors.

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