View from the C-suite: Trillium Wind Power's John Kourtoff

Trillium's CEO tells Spencer Anderson how wind power will confound its critics and play a crucial role in meeting the world's energy needs, particularly now that the Asian behemoths are investing in its potential


Company profile: E.ON sets itself ambitious renewable goal

In the process of shifting its portfolio into more carbon-neutral territory, energy giant E.ON has set itself some aggressive targets to reach by 2030

wind farm for rankings

Emerging markets drive green energy momentum

Two years after the global financial crisis, it is the emerging markets that are at the forefront of the global commitment to address future global energy needs through renewable sources. Wendy Atkins reports


Montana aims to become US wind energy hub

Montana governor and potential 2016 US presidential candidate Brian Schweitzer talks about alternative energy and plans for FDI in his state

Huge leap for US alternative energy FDI

FDI projects in the alternative energy sector in the US have seen a huge increase in 2009 under president Barack Obama’s administration.

Renewed enthusiasm

As oil prices rocket, the race to commercialise sustainable energies is becoming ever more frantic. Karen E Thuermer reports.

Driving the green machine

Tax credits and incentives to promote the production of renewable energy may be fuelled partly by green ambitions but the economics are also becoming more attractive as the value of the global renewable energy market grows. Karen E Thuermer reports.

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