Irrigation shortfall harming Ukraine agriculture potential

Black Sea Economic Forum delegates told that improved irrigation could turn Crimea region into major food producer for Europe and the rest of the world.

Trinidad and Tobago looks to play to its natural strengths

Trinidad and Tobago looks to play to its natural strengths

Concerned about an over-reliance on its oil and gas industries, the Trinidad and Tobago government is working to highlight its other strengths to would-be investors, with a particular emphasis being placed on its educated and highly skilled workforce.

The global food fight

The global food fight: can agribusiness avert a crisis?

An ever-rising population and unpredictable weather patterns are pushing the issue of food scarcity higher up the global agenda, with companies anxious to commercialise the rising demand for food and governments looking at ways to tackle the problems that are limiting production.

growth prospects for Kenya, Mauritius and Uganda

In profile: growth prospects for Kenya, Mauritius and Uganda

At the World Economic Forum meeting on Africa in Cape Town in May, fDi spoke to leading officials from three African countries that are implementing strategies to improve their records for attracting foreign investment.

Japan and Myanmar sign a memorandum of co-operation

Free zones: the potential pitfalls

Free zones are often seen as a cure-all remedy to the problems developing economies encounter when trying to attract FDI. However, the reality is that such projects need careful planning and long-term support if they are to fulfil such wishes, as Barbara Njau discovers.

India's multi-brand retail policy has no buyers

India's controversial policy to allow foreign investors to own up to a 51% stake in multi-brand retail has failed to attract any fresh investment into the country.

Mexican multinationals on growth trajectory, study reveals

Buoyed by a strong domestic economy, Mexican multinational enterprises made significant gains in foreign markets between 2010 and 2011.

Heinzs taste for growth in emerging economies

Heinz's taste for growth in emerging economies

HJ Heinz is a household brand in the West, but now the food manufacturer is looking to conquer emerging markets such as Brazil and China. 


HJ Heinz's CEO develops taste for new markets

CEO of food manufacturer HJ Heinz, William R Johnson, believes that emerging markets represent the future of the packaged foods industry.

Antigua and Barbuda looks to cash in on fruit appeal

Antigua and Barbuda looks to cash in on fruit appeal

Antigua and Barbuda's farmers produce a wide variety of fruits in abundance, the vast majority of which is consumed locally. Steps have been taken to export these products, but the industry is very much in its early stages, meaning opportunities aplenty for investors.

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