Syrain real estate

Political uncertainty hits real estate sectors in Syria and Lebanon

The political uncertainty in Syria is affecting the country's real estate sector, and is also spilling over into Lebanon's. However, nearby Jordan is proving resilient in this sector.

Communications technology and the transformation of the workplace

Communications technology and the transformation of the workplace

With the emergence of cost-effective and easy-to-use communications technology, many companies are finding financial solutions in more flexible working arrangements, avoiding long-term real estate commitments. But what does this mean for property markets?


Building a legacy

São Paulo mayor Gilberto Kassab tells Spencer Andersonthat real-estate investors continue to be drawn to the Brazilian city because it offers good value, despite criticisms over its burdensome regulation and a possible overheating of property prices

Asia-Pacific real estate set for 'wall of money'

Investment funds eye opportunities in Asia-Pacific, with China and Australia particularly popular

Investors deny Chinese property bubble exists

A group of Chinese officials and property investors at the Mipim real estate conference have rejected the widely held belief that the country's property sector has overheated

Global real estate investment comes back onstream

Domestic and crossborder transaction growth looks to continue in 2011, while price sensitivity will also push more investors up the risk curve, deeper into both emerging markets and into secondary locations in more mature markets. Paul Guest offers his analysis

real estate

Has the commercial property sector turned a corner?

A host of forecasts and analyses by real estate firms indicates that the commercial property market is recovering. It is still early days, but the figures are stacking up

High times

Hong Kong’s real estate market has prospered while those around it have stumbled or outright collapsed. Investors from all over the world are eyeing the area, allaying fears that it is experiencing a housing bubble that is about to burst, writes Spencer Anderson

REAL ESTATE: Corporate real estate makes its presence felt

Ernst & Young’s Real Estate Advisory Services annual corporate real estate survey (2005) of multinationals operating in Europe concludes that there is a growing awareness of real estate as a supporting asset.

The previous 2004 study showed corporate real estate in the Netherlands was a neglected “business tool for success”, especially when comparing with real estate management in the US and the UK. The new study finds that companies give more priority to their core business and competences.

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