The design advantage

Locations and companies seek to gain a design advantage

With destinations competing to attract foreign investment, some are attempting to get ahead of the competition by positioning themselves as hubs for design and innovation. 

China redefines its role in Africa

China redefines its role in Africa

For more than a decade, China’s involvement in Africa has brought financial gain to both regions. But how will this relationship develop as China looks to shift away from being an export-led economy?

Macedonia seeks to revive textiles industry

Macedonia seeks to revive textiles industry

For decades the textiles industry was Macedonia's specialty, but the break-up of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s caused production to slow dramatically. However, the industry is showing signs of a revival, led by the likes of Comfy Angel and Moda Sveti Nikole, both of which have attracted interest from western Europe.

Investors wait on Arab Spring countries

Investors wait and see on Arab Spring countries

The Arab Spring protests, and the months of political instability that followed, slowed FDI inflows into north Africa. But rather than pulling out of the region entirely, many investors simply put their projects on hold or moved into other more stable economies such as Morocco and Algeria.

Tuscanys collaborative spirit

Tuscany's collaborative spirit

The close relationship between industry and research and education institutions in Tuscany gives the region an edge when it comes to R&D and innovation.

Peru's minister of economy and finance, Luis Miguel Castilla

Peru pursues corporate and social inclusion balance

Michal Kaczmarski talks to Peru's finance minister, Luis Miguel Castilla, about the government's plans to pursue social inclusion, free trade agreements and the importance of maintaining an open market. 

Xavier Luc Duval

Mauritius seeks to offer investors stable African foothold

Mauritius' vice-prime minister tells fDi how he is concerned about the impact of the eurozone crisis on the country's exports and tourism sector, but is positive over the country's business environment, which, he says, is an ideal starting point for any investor looking to enter Africa.

Glen Raven uses power of reinvention to break Asian market

Despite making its name as a fabrics manufacturer, US company Glen Raven is looking beyond its traditional strengths to take advantage of lucrative opportunities throughout Asia.

Toronto gains retail store

Liz Claiborne subsidiary Juicy Couture will open a retail store in Toronto, Canada.

Material wealth

With the old textile quota regime abolished, producers are repositioning themselves to capture a piece of the global market. Courtney Fingar reports on the likely winners and losers.

The new year brought a new look for the global textile market, with the expiry of a quota system that has coloured it for three decades. Whether this is an improvement on the old look depends on who you ask.

The World Trade Organisation’s Multi-Fibre Agreement, which ended on January 1 this year, is now viewed by many as having distorted world textile trade.

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