Digital Düsseldorf: Industrial hub adds ICT success to the mix


Originally published in the April/May 2017 issue of fDi Magazine and in association with the City of Düsseldorf.

Reporting and editing carried out independently by fDi Magazine.  

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dusseldorfs subtle charm

Düsseldorf's subtle charm wins over investors and workers alike

Not one of the more renowned cities in Europe for culture or tourism, Düsseldorf in north-west Germany nevertheless has forged a name for itself as an FDI hotspot. Wendy Atkins looks at how the city's accessibility, highly skilled workforce and quality of life are drawing in investors from all over the world.

tradition and ambition

Düsseldorf mayor uses tradition to fuel city's ambition

Düsseldorf mayor Thomas Geisel tells Wendy Atkins how the city has built on its history of manufacturing and appetite for innovation to stay at the forefront of industrial developments.

a taste of asia

How Düsseldorf offers a taste of Asia in Germany

Düsseldorf has been a popular destination for Japanese businesses wanting to set up a European base since the 1980s, and more recently Chinese companies have followed suit. Wendy Atkins looks at what the city offers investors from the Far East as well as the rest of the globe.

the trivago template

The Trivago template: why tech start-ups in Düsseldorf can aim for the top

Düsseldorf's start-up scene has a huge success story to boast of in the shape of globally successful hotel search brand Trivago. However, as Wendy Atkins discovers, the city's collaborative approach to telecoms, ICT and all things digital means that hopes are high that many more multinational players will emerge in the coming years.

adding value

Chamber of Commerce president looks to add value to Düsseldorf's offering

Its central location has helped attract foreign investors to Düsseldorf, but proactive measures such as creating a one-stop shop for Chinese investors are crucial to spread the word, Andreas Schmitz, the president of the Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce, tells Wendy Atkins.

a warm welcome

Düsseldorf lays out the welcome mat for overseas workers

One of Düsseldorf's key focuses is in providing a high quality of life for both its citizens and overseas workers. Wendy Atkins reports on the progress it is making.

a full house

Could Düsseldorf’s property market fall victim to its own success?

While Düsseldorf’s real estate market is attracting investment and helping to drive urban renewal in the city, some observers fear the redevelopment of business premises into residential areas will push out manufacturing and office space. Wendy Atkins reports.

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