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View from Asia: imagining the worst

Asia faces a bleak future if the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t end soon

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View from Asia: the crippling effect of coronavirus

China's coronavirus outbreak is having a seismic effect in Asia and beyond, writes Lawrence Yeo.

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View from Asia: why Asia needs to nurture its tourism offering

Asia outstrips the world for tourist arrivals and is still experiencing growth. Constant maintenance and upgrade are essential to maintain this lead.

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View from Asia: how smart cities are taking lessons from Game of Thrones

Developments in the Asian free zone and tech city landscape sometimes bring to mind the power struggles of the hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, says Lawrence Yeo [?]. 

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View from Asia: Don't fear the recession

Lawrence Yeo explains why, with forward planning and research, recessions are nothing to fear.

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View from Asia: the rise of tier-two cities

East Asia and the Pacific make up the world's fastest urbanising region, with great opportunities for investment, but also challenges.

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View from Asia: beware the temptations of Industry 4.0

As the latest tech revolution – the digitisation of manufacturing – arrives, companies should be clear that the benefits outweigh the costs before adoption.

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View from Asia: the rise of Asia's renewables

Renewable energy has risen in popularity in Asia in recent years, but the appeal of fossil fuel endures.

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View from Asia: slow progress on SDGs

Asia-Pacific is likely to hit only one of its 16 UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, writes Lawrence Yeo.

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View from Asia: The rise of the smart cities

Careful planning, monitoring and execution are needed to ensure Asia's cities are the smartest.

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