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In Dispute: global investment court draws closer

An international court for the resolution of FDI disputes has long been a pet project of the European Commission, and recent talks look like making it a reality.

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In Dispute: Slovakia aims to reduce lawsuits by tightening treaty language

Burnt by a series of legal writs from investors, Slovakia has been redesigning its investment protection treaties, starting with its pact with Iran.

In Dispute: Yukos, a foreigner in its own country?

Yukos's $50bn arbitration victory against Russia is being challenged by the country, and central to the challenge is the 'foreign-ness' of the oil company.

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In Dispute: the pros and cons of the EC arbitration court

Brussels lays out ideas for a court to resolve trans-Atlantic FDI disputes.

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In Dispute: protection treaties are a bad thing, except when they’re not

There is pressure on Brussels to dissolve crossborder protection treaties, though even the European Commission concedes they have their uses.

In Dispute: the pros and cons of an international arbitration court

The European Commission's idea of an international adjudication court has garnered plenty of support. However, opposition from within the US may render it a non-starter.

In Dispute: India charts its own investment treaty path

India's new draft model treaty is unlike any other found in the world, and it looks set to ruffle the feathers of a number of investors.

In Dispute October/November 2012

The new bilateral investment treaty between Canada and China raises as many questions as it answers.

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In Dispute December 2011/January 2012

The ICSID's internal review process is proving to be a source of frustration for many who use it.

In Dispute: Georgia plays it tough

The arrest of a businessman by Georgian authorities - who just happens to be in arbitration with Georgia - has made an ugly case even uglier

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