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India infrastructure

Will state funding alone be enough to unblock India's infrastructure bottlenecks?

India’s new business-friendly government is looking to tackle the country's infrastructure problems as part of its plans to boost economic growth. But will the planned spending be enough to support its expanding manufacturing and service industries, or will outside funding be needed?

Maharashtra, India

Maharashtra tops India's FDI chart

Hopes are high that the a more business-friendly India will emerge under the stewardship of new prime minister Narendra Modi. But the FDI fortunes of India’s states look to remain disparate until policies and regulations are better coordinated.

Amelia Kyambadde

Trade minister urges investors to delve deeper in Uganda

Its oil reserves may make the headlines, but Uganda’s minister for trade and industry tells fDi that the country is pursuing diversification and removing barriers to growth, particularly in its underdeveloped agribusiness sector.

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Emerging market MNEs see strong profit growth

Multinational enterprises in developing economies are seeing their profits grow at a much faster rate than those in developed countries, according to a report by the Columbia Centre on Sustainable Investment.

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Investors still cautious about India: SKP Group

The newly elected Indian government has a lot of work to do if it is to restore investor confidence in India, Indian professional services firm SKP Group said in a recent report.

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M&A increase in MENA in 2013: Ernst & Young

Increasing investor confidence led to a marked increase in M&A activity in the Middle East and north Africa in 2013.

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Sub-Saharan Africa's GDP set to grow: Commerzbank

According to a report by German lender Commerzbank, sub-Saharan Africa's GDP is set to grow by 6% this year, outpacing average global growth.

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Emerging markets will retain FDI attractiveness: Beazley

There will be a temporary dip in FDI into emerging markets this year but specialist insurance firm Beazley predicts that this will not damage the attractiveness of these destinations over the long term.

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