Bolivian minister hails tourism increase

Bolivia’s vice minister of tourism explains why tourists are looking at one of South America's less explored destinations. 

Wrocław tops fDi's 2020 Return on Investment ranking

Poland’s Wrocław has turned in a stellar performance in fDi’s Return on Investment study. 

fdi screening

Will FDI screening become the new norm?

The trend towards the vetting of foreign investment, especially projects that pose potential security threats, is on the rise. 

new kids

ECCB governor hopes for digital currency boost

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank governor explains why it is about to launch a digital currency.

the winners

The winners and losers of the USMCA

Early reports on the trade agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada suggest that the US is getting the better of the deal. But what are the implications of the new rules of origin?

microsoft makes

Microsoft makes a crossborder connection in North America

While governments grow more protectionist over trade and physical borders, Microsoft is bridging the gap by funding international collaborative enterprises.

Gregg Wassmansdorf 16x9

View from the Americas: time for action on SDGs

Giant investment firm BlackRock throwing its weight behind sustainability issues is sending a signal to the corporate world to respond urgently to global calls for action.

a global venture

How venture capital helps start-ups expand globally

Venture capital funding is increasingly enabling start-ups to expand across borders – but their ability to do this depends on their type of business and where they are founded.

bri feels

Latin America embraces China's Belt and Road with enthusiasm

Up to 18 countries across Latin America have joined China’s new Belt and Road Initiative, hoping to boost their infrastructure development and investment.  

Michael D Goldhaber 16x9

The Global Lawyer: Is NAFTA 2.0 a litigator's dream?

Replacing the “nightmare” that was Nafta was a dream of US president Donald Trump – but its replacement appears to favour few groups except for dispute resolution firms.

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