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Afghanistan seeks pioneers to reap rewards of its risks

Afghanistan’s authorities are working hard to persuade investors the rewards are worth the risk by introducing economic and legal reforms.

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Industry minister seeks to put Afghanistan back in business

Afghanistan's minister of industries and commerce outlines government efforts to make the country more conducive to business.

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Will security and telecoms opportunities bring FDI to Afghanistan?

Selling Afghanistan to foreign investors remains a difficult task, and FDI into the country is low. Despite this, officials claim that there is cause for optimism. 


Afghan advisor promotes the reform agenda

Ajmal Ahmady, senior economic advisor to the president of Afghanistan, tells Mariam Meskin the importance of foreign investment and trade for national reforms. 

Bayat Energy expansion a victory for Afghanistan’s recovery

Afghanistan, energy-rich but energy-hungry, has secured a major expansion from oil and gas developer, Bayat Energy, thereby marking another step in Afghanistan’s economic recovery. Olivia Azadegan reports.

Dr Ehsanollah Bayat

Bayat Group's Afghanistan risks bring rich rewards

As the Bayat Group of Companies launches an energy arm in Afghanistan, CEO Ehsanollah Bayat tells Natasha Turak how he hopes that by showcasing the opportunities in the country, other investors will follow its lead to help grow the economy. 

Afghanistan: where fortune will favour the brave

Afghanistan: where fortune will favour the brave

Vast reserves of precious metals and oil make Afghanistan an attractive proposition for investors bold enough to risk the country's security threats, poor infrastructure and widespread corruption.

Afghanistan's minister of mines, Wahidullah Shahrani

Afghanistan looks to mine its way out of aid dependence

Afghanistan's minister of mines, Wahidullah Shahrani, tells fDithat by exploiting its mineral resources, the country can end its dependence on aid and banish security concerns about doing business there.

Rebuilding the silk road

Asian economies smooth path for Silk Road resurrection

Across central Asia, from China to Kazakhstan, economies are set to benefit from the re-opening of trade routes along the historic Silk Road. Significant investment has already been made to improve the infrastructure along the route, but further investment, more cohesion between the central Asian countries involved and more politically stability in the region as a whole is needed if this great passageway between Asia and Europe is to return to its former glory.

Profile: Omar Zakhilwal - A hard sell

Afghanistan’s minister of finance talks to Michelle Price about the country’s need to control how it allocates its grants and loans, as well as attracting the foreign investment it needs to fulfil the promise of its oil, gas, iron ore and copper industries.

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