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Prague deputy mayor on the brownfield boom

Petr Hlubuček, deputy mayor of Prague, tells fDi about the city’s real estate opportunities.


Brno mayor celebrates the Czech tech hub

Petr Vokřál, the mayor of Brno, explains how the Czech Republic’s second city became a tech hub.

Shared services

Global BPO market remains resilient

Global business process outsourcing is going from strength to strength, and while developed countries have dominated as sources of investment, developing countries are also starting to emerge.  

New growth plan needed in CEE: McKinsey

A report by global consultancy McKinsey suggests that economies in central and eastern Europe adopt a new growth strategy to reduce the region's reliance on the western European economy.

Czech Republic outward FDI down in 2013

Figures for the first 10 months of 2013 show a decline in outward FDI from the Czech Republic, compared with 2012.

Czech Republic battles inward investment turmoil

Czech Republic battles inward investment turmoil

Political upheaval in the Czech Republic is doing little to alleviate the country's economic torpor, but its leaders insist that it remains a central and eastern European powerhouse when it comes to attracting investment.

Croatia has nothing to lose by adopting euro: CBG

Croatia is keen to adopt the euro as its currency, but that is unlikely to happen any time soon as the country struggles to meet the EU's five convergence criteria. 

Poland and Czech Republic fuel growth in FDI

Having driven FDI growth into central and eastern Europe, Poland and the Czech Republic are now looking further afield for investment opportunities.

Mixed FDI fortunes for Czech Republic

FDI flows into and out of the Czech Republic converged in 2012, with an increase in outbound FDI and decrease in inbound FDI.

Brno boasts a wealth of knowledge

Brno boasts a wealth of knowledge

Roman Onderka, the mayor of the second largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno, is aiming to make the city one of the 50 most innovative regions in the EU. He tells fDi how the city has nurtured its life sciences, IT and engineering sectors, and how it continues to attract the best academic talent as well as investors.

Global greenfield investment trends

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