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Steady growth for consumer electronics in Mideast

While still small, the Middle East's share of electronics investment is on the rise

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New Zealand gaining foothold as contact centre hub

Number of contact and technical support centre projects doubles since late 2009

Anglo headhunter firms turn attention to Asia

UK and US recruitment firms are looking to Asia and other emerging regions for expansion

Automotive companies setting up operations in Thailand

Car makers appear keen on Thailand, according to a raft of announcements

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Stunted growth

Iraq's financial institutions have made frustratingly slow progress in resolving their problems and integrating into the global economy, but the world should not lose sight of the significant achievements made since 2003, reports Courtney Fingar

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Credit check

Iraq's importers and exporters are in desperate need of trade finance but the country's banks are struggling to meet this demand, reports Courtney Fingar

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Calmer waters

Although high-profile, deadly attacks are still taking place in Iraq, security experts and statistics say that the country's security continues to improve, reports Courtney Fingar

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Poised for prosperity

Fears over security, a confused legal system, political uncertainty. The banks continuing to give Iraq a wide berth could be forgiven for thinking that very little has changed over the past few years. However, a visit to the country paints an altogether more optimistic picture. Courtney Fingar reports from Baghdad.

Profile: Qasim Al Fahadawhi - The road to recovery

Against all the odds, including nearly losing his own life. The governor of Iraq's Al Anbar province tells Courtney Fingar why he will continue his fight to bring employment to the region

Ceramics trade gets fired up

The discovery of rich clay deposits has led to one of Ras Al Khaimah’s greatest success stories: The establishment of a ceramics plant that has developed into a global leader in just two decades

Global greenfield investment trends

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