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Iraq central bank governor

Central bank governor says Iraq remains a good long-term investment bet

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr Sinan Al Shabibi, says that the country's current political instability should not deter investors, and how the Iraqi banking sector could benefit from foreign expertise

African finance ministers

Unabashed: African finance ministers chart course to growth

Courtney Fingar interviews the finance ministers of Cape Verde, Rwanda and Senegal at the IMF-World Bank annual meetings. Read the round-up

Latam finance ministers

Latam finance ministers rising to the challenge

The finance ministers of Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Trinidad and Tobago talk to Courtney Fingar at the IMF-World Bank meetings in Washington, DC

Bulgarian governors

Bulgaria strives to show its inner beauty

Bulgaria has all the makings of being Europe's next tourism hot-spot, but some of its most appealing areas are difficult to reach due to poor infrastructure. Two of its regional governors tell Courtney Fingar how tourism is set to take off once the right connections are made

Black Sea Economic Forum

Black Sea basin countries eye world stage

The Black Sea Economic Forum in November was used to foster economic ties between member countries to allow them to compete with global players

osborne 2

George Osborne: meeting the UK's harsh realities

With a huge deficit, the UK government has faced tough decisions early on, such as axing regional development agencies. In an interview with Courtney Fingar, the chancellor insists this will not slow FDI to the UK

osborne 2

Osborne: LEPS "better and more effective" than regional bodies

UK chancellor George Osborne defends shake-up of England's economic development structure

US in Iraq business plan

US Chamber of Commerce to assist US companies wanting to invest in Iraq

Inside fDi: Meeting, greeting and endless bleating

Conferences and summits are frequently hit or miss. On occasion they will reveal remarkable stories, but all too often there can be a lot of hurrying up and waiting.

From Companies

View from the C-suite: Skype Estonia's Sten Tamkivi

Investment agency pitches often focus on the wrong issues and Europe must do more to gain high-tech FDI, Skype's Sten Tamkivi, who also advises Estonia's government on IT and innovation, tells Courtney Fingar

Global greenfield investment trends

Crossborder investment monitor

fDi Markets is the only online database tracking crossborder greenfield investment covering all sectors and countries worldwide. It provides real-time monitoring of investment projects, capital investment and job creation with powerful tools to track and profile companies investing overseas.

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Corporate location benchmarking tool

fDi Benchmark is the only online tool to benchmark the competitiveness of countries and cities in over 50 sectors. Its comprehensive location data series covers the main cost and quality competitiveness indicators for over 300 locations around the world.

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Research report

fDi Intelligence provides customised reports and data research which deliver vital business intelligence to corporations, investment promotion agencies, economic development organisations, consulting firms and research institutions.

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