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Paraguay minister of culture seeking to build on Asuncion overhaul

Mabel Causarano, Paraguay’s minister of culture, is also involved in securing investment for the rejuvenation of capital city Asuncion's historic centre. She believes this will act as a catalyst to a wider regeneration of Paraguay, as Jason Mitchell discovers.


Chile looks to FDI to solve energy and infrastructure problems

Chile's FDI performance over the past decade has been hugely impressive. However, wary of its inadequate infrastructure and expensive energy prices, the country's government is keen to attract further foreign investment as a way of solving these problems.


An expanding advantage: how Chilean firms are making their mark overseas

The glut of free-trade agreements that Chile has with upwards of 60 countries gives its companies – particularly its SMEs – access to a potentially huge customer base, something the county's government is encouraging them to take advantage of.


Chile builds on its success

Chile is undergoing a period of significant change as its government, led by president Michelle Bachelet, looks to implement new reforms across a range of sectors from education to taxation, in a bid to bolster the country's position as one of the leading investment destinations in Latin America.

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Madrid records nearly half of Spanish IT FDI inflows

In 2014, Madrid was the most popular destination in Spain for FDI in the IT and software sectors.

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Latin American Investment Forum spotlights big opportunities

Speakers at the fifth Latin American Investment Forum in London discussed the large number of infrastructure projects in the pipeline in Latin America, and the investment opportunities that these present to foreign investors.

Russian SEZs mixed success

Mixed success: why SEZs in Russia and CIS are not fulfilling their potential

Special economic zones are being developed across Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent states. Their success will rest on their ability to overcome bureaucracy and customs issues. Jason Mitchell reports on the effects across the region.

A master of reinvention

A master of reinvention: how Tampere’s tech scene is evolving

The Finnish city of Tampere is finding that a firm focus on its strengths in research and technology, and close collaboration between business and its universities, is helping it to ride the tech wave as well as stabilise its local job market.

Life after Nokia

Life after Nokia: how the Finnish city of Tampere is still thriving

The decline of once-dominant telecommunications giant Nokia had grim repercussions for the Finnish city of Tampere, in which it employed 4000 people at its peak. However, with an educated, highly skilled workforce, and its innovative streak still fully intact, Tampere is filling the 'Nokia gap' with a number of exciting projects.

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Argentina defies US ruling with new bill

A new bill has been passed in Argentina that will allow the country to make an interest payment on its debt by bypassing a restrictive court ruling by a New York judge in July.

Global greenfield investment trends

Crossborder investment monitor

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fDi Benchmark is the only online tool to benchmark the competitiveness of countries and cities in over 50 sectors. Its comprehensive location data series covers the main cost and quality competitiveness indicators for over 300 locations around the world.

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