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reading the signals
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Tech start-up Eyeris reads the signals to gather IPA attention

Californian tech start-up Eyeris might be small but CEO Modar Alaoui says it has already landed investment promotion help and is confident it can seize the moment to expand into global markets. Michal Kaczmarski reports.

KPMG Orlando

Orlando's attractions lure KPMG training centre

Incentives and a host of attractions cemented Orlando in Florida as a perfect location for KPMG’s new training office. But equally important have been efforts by the Orlando Economic Partnership to make the move as smooth as possible, including finding a site close to the local airport. Michal Kaczmarski reports.

Panattoni facility

Panattoni seeks bigger slice of Europe

US warehouse developer Panattoni is eyeing expansion into western Europe, as online sales boom and the available storage space fills up. Meanwhile, Brexit might be an opportunity to enter the UK market, CEO Robert Dobrzycki tells Michal Kaczmarski.

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Corporate property investors in ‘wait and see’ mode following Trump election

Delegates at major property show MIPIM generally displayed a cautious optimism on the economic outlook but most acknowledged the new US administration is still an unknown quantity. Michal Kaczmarski reports.

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CEE city leaders cautiously optimistic on US FDI

City representatives from Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic attending the Mipim real estate fair are sanguine regarding investment from the US under President Trump.

the location game

Maribor mayor looks to take advantage of location benefits

Maribor, Slovenia’s second city, is making the most of its proximity to key European and Balkan markets, as its mayor tells Michal Kaczmarski.

right idea

Right idea, wrong place? The hurdles facing tech entrepreneurs in pariah states

Operating a tech start-up in a country hit by sanctions or a negative international image is not easy. Attracting investment is harder still. Michal Kaczmarski speaks to those on both sides of the divide.

hisense gives

China’s Hisense makes move to give expansion a sporting chance

While it has been a well-known name in its domestic market for a decade, Hisense has much lower recognition outside China. Now the company is on a drive to boost its brand, as Michal Kaczmarski reports.

Mayor explains how post-crisis Reno repositioned itself for success

Reno mayor Hillary Schieve talks to Michal Kaczmarski about overcoming Reno's post-recession identity crisis, and how switching from casinos to hi-tech companies have helped the city reinvent itself.

Pokemon go

On the edge of a VR revolution

The popularity of Pokémon Go has proved that virtual and augmented reality technologies can turn regions with the right mix of industries and personnel into investment hotspots.

Global greenfield investment trends

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