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Was the ‘Guatemalan Spring’ an illusion?

A year into president Jimmy Morales’s mandate, Guatemala’s economic woes persist. Michael Deibert reports.

Violence and instability keep Guatemala

Violence and instability keep Guatemala from reaching its investment potential

A volatile political climate, which has seen the arrest and resignation of the country's president this year, and overspill from the Mexican drug wars continue to prevent Guatemala from achieving the development goals it set for itself two years ago.

Central America enjoys stable FDI inflows in 2014

Figures from 2014 show that FDI flows into central America remained consistent with 2013 levels. 

Economy minister looks to realise Guatemalas grand plans

Economy minister looks to realise Guatemala's grand plans

The economy minister of Guatemala tells fDi how his ambitious plans to transform the country's economy into one of the most competitive in Latin America are already bearing fruit, with major infrastructure and energy projects leading the way.

The violent blot on Guatemalan investment landscape

The violent blot on Guatemala's investment landscape

If the unprecedented turnout at the Guatemala Investment Summit 2013 is anything to go by, the country's FDI prospects have never been better. But, deep-rooted political divides and high rates of violent crime still threaten to overshadow the country's potential.

Guatemala looks to bridge the economic gap

Guatemala looks to bridge the economic gap

Guatemala may not be enjoying the same sort of economic success as many of its Latin American counterparts, but the country's minister of foreign affairs, Fernando Carrera, explains how this will change as it works on increasing its security and regulation, while strengthening its relationships with its neighbours to the north and south

Embassies make promotional play

Embassies turn their hand to investment promotion

As the capacity for embassies and diplomats to target and attract investment grows, countries are becoming increasingly eager to restructure their operations in a bid to best utilise these new promotional agents.

Corruption still at large in Latin America, according to survey

Nearly three-quarters of respondents to a survey by  international law firms Miller & Chevalier and Matteson Ellis say  that anti-corruption laws in Latin America are insufficient.

Guatemala eyes BPO sector

Guatemala adjusts FDI focus to BPO sector

With the country's FDI inflows decreasing in 2011, Guatemala is looking to target the business processing outsourcing sector in 2012.


Will outbreaks of violence undo Guatemala's good work?

In the 15 years of stability since the end of its bloody civil war, Guatemala has become a popular destination for foreign investors looking for a route into Central America. However, outbreaks of violence in the run up to a general election later this year are threatening the country's hard-won reputation as one of the FDI world's rising stars.

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