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draxlmaiers skills

How Dräxlmaier is driving up Moldova's skillset

Dräxlmaier’s Guido Meinelt tells Sebastian Shehadi how the German automotive component supplier is Moldova’s largest foreign investor – and is still expanding. 

charms and

Endava embraces Moldova's charms and challenges

The regional manager of Endava – Moldova's largest tech company – details the difficulties of operating in such a small market, but also accentuates the positives.

moldova puts

Moldova puts foreign investment first

Moldova faces ongoing tensions between a Soviet past and an EU-friendly future. But a pragmatic approach across the board has meant it is continuing to attract investment.

ready for work

Moldovan president says country is ready for work

The president of Moldova explains that, should investors look beyond the country's political turbulence, they will see a population ready for well-paid employment.

in the driving

Moldovan manufacturing in the driving seat

Manufacturing in Moldova has grown considerably in recent years, making it a hot spot for foreign investment.

a tech edge

High skills and low costs give Moldova a tech edge

Moldova’s business-friendly and cost-effective tech scene is gaining the attention of major foreign investors.

mixing wine

Why mixing wine with tourism could pay off for Moldova

Moldova's wine industry has gained some international recognition but the country remains largely untroubled by tourists, a combination that is enticing some foreign investors.


Moldovan economy minister’s march to foreign investment

Alexandru Sonic, talks to fDi about the government’s free zones and reform agenda.

Moldova elections show a country stuck between Russia and EU

Moldova’s impressive FDI performance may be threatened if the country swings fully into Russia’s orbit during the upcoming elections. Emerson Davis reports.

Moldovan workers sort apples

Moldova still fighting from the bottom

Despite the relative ease of doing business in the country, infrastructure problems and political strife mean that Moldova is near bottom of the heap in Europe when it comes to annual GDP per capita and attracting investment.

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